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Balinese Parasols

The story of unique
Balinese Parasols & Oriental Umbrellas 

An oriental parasol or umbrella can come from many east asian countries (Thailand, India, Indonesia etc) each bringing their own unique style and design. Garden umbrellas from the Orient originate in traditional artisan craft.

The craft was passed from parents to children and each family had their own unique paint design .

In Bali daily life the temple parasols (as this is what their original destination is) are still used a lot. Every temple has his black white or yellow umbrella keeping the bad spirits out and attract the good ones. Every ceremony has a different style of parasols and there are still a few traditional umbrella makers active on the island but not many anymore.


Bali Parasol is working with one of the last traditional parasol making family. And they are PROUD on their, registered as Bali Heritage, paint design that are applied by hand still. When copied they get furious but what to do nowadays besides convincing the consumer to look for the real traditional quality??


Indonesian umbrellas out of all other parasols coming from Indian countries have become the most trendy as they appeal to nowadays; Bohemian Chic, Ibiza Style , Trendy Beach Clubs and laid back chill out places with their seashells, pompons, and tassels. 

They are playful and can either bring a ZEN or colorful atmosphere to a garden, room, beach or event venue. We even have a lot of brides ordering a wedding umbrella to cover the cake, to be part of the wedding ceremony bringing purity, protection and blessings..

If you really wish to have a traditional Balinese Wedding parasol then opt for the Gold Serenity. This is the original happy ceremony umbrella in Indonesia. (weddings, birth, festivities ) Those Tedung parasols are: 'guards' (translated) and bring protection, pureness and reflect the happy occassion with their White/Gold combination.  Good to know!!  

Very important to understand to what there are big big quality differences in balinese umbrellas and garden parasols. This we explain on our quality page where we explain on which points a handmade parasol can differ in quality..   (and therefore price)      

Read all about quality differences in balinese parasols

Artisan umrella making traditional
cutting bamboo by hand
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