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Shipping / Tax / Payment

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Shipping Costs 

Within EU   

Holland = Free 

France-Italy-Germany = -20 euro per box   

Spain = 25 euro per box

Other = vary from 15-25 euro 

Intra Community Delivery

Provide your VAT number to be validated in the VIES system.

Export EU

Export shipping: 21% taxes will be taken out. 

You settle taxes with local customs - all automated by Fed Ex


Our experience is:


We take out 21% sales tax and calculate shipping. Depending on the number of boxes your additional costs are 60 euro per box depending on the number to the same address  



AS UK has become export from the EU the shipment is handled different than before but still very easy by Fed Ex.


Parasol only (299) your online costs paid to us will be:  Euro 344  / 293 GBP

We will invoice you:  247,11 parasol + 96,89 shipment (all taxes taken out and shipment correctly added on the invoice for export)


From Fed EX you will get an invoice for 60 GBP

Total costs parasol only: 353 GBP Door2Door all inclusive

Parasol + base your online costs paid to us will be: Euro 459 / 391 GBP

We will invoice you:  247.11 parasol + 103.31 base + 108.58 shipment  (459 EUR/391GPB) 

From Fed Ex you will receive the tax invoice of 80 GBP  in total

Total order value: 471 GBP Door2Door all inclusive

Payment options

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Nederlandse markt:  Veilig Online per IDEAL betalen via uw eigen bank. 

Credit Card payments by the secured Stripe payment platform 

Dutch market: 

Save online per IDEAL via your own bank. 

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Paypal logo

We offer an Offline Payment option. Herewith we RESERVE your order and there is no payment involved yet. There is time for shipping or (company) invoicing questions.

When all is agreed payment can be settled by Credit Card, bank transfer (no extra costs) or Paypal (extra costs to be communicated) 

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