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Bali parasol bases

Asian style parasol base collection

With the development of exceptional concrete parasol bases of top quality, Bali Parasol has created a unique product. Your beautiful and special Bali Parasol naturally shines best when placed in a parasol base in Oriental style, fitting the setting of your garden, balcony, or terrace. Through sourcing from Asia, we found that these concrete parasol bases were not frost-resistant and would crumble after harsh winters. For this reason, Bali Parasol designed its own models of concrete parasol bases that are frost-resistant and can remain outdoors all year round. Our inventory is always up-to-date, and during the season (March-October), we aim to ship on the same day. 

Our frost resistant Bali Parasol bases

Bali Parasol maintains complete control over the production and quality of these high-quality and beautiful concrete parasol bases. Our inventory of parasol stands is always well-stocked. You have the choice of the 1001 Nights model in Oriental style where you can light candles, the more modern Maharaja-style parasol base, smooth and round, and - new this year - the graceful Lotus model.

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