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Fringes and weaving 

Our high quality fringe- and weave work

Due to the weaving and fringes, our parasols have a boho vibe. This is why our parasols are often referred to as Ibiza parasols. The authentic Ibiza parasol with fringes always originates from Bali. Bali Parasol offers a variety of combinations of weaving on the inside and fringes on the outside. Both details are meticulously crafted by hand, ensuring high-quality standards so that both the fringes and weaving remain beautiful for years to come.


Every Bali Parasol is characterized by fringes. The Ibiza parasol with fringes comes in various colors, materials, and types, depending entirely on your taste and preference. All fringes are handmade. We use mother-of-pearl shells, tassels with gold or silver details, or a combination of both. The shells and tassels are selected for quality and durability. They are genuine shells - not plastic - and the tassels are made of 100% cotton.


A hallmark of quality for our parasols is that the weaving on the inside consists of four compartments. Of course, this is handwoven and done in a traditional manner. This results in a beautiful and tightly woven fabric, giving a luxurious appearance. This is in contrast to mass-produced Balinese parasols, which often have only three compartments with minimal threading, resulting in a transparent effect. The quality of an original Bali Parasol is evident when you open the parasol and see the weaving perfectly fitting and tightly stretched.

We hope to have given you insight in the quality choices
that come with buying parasols from Bali. 

Feel free to contact us for any questions or tailored orders

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