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Unpainted parasols

Round unpainted Bali Parasols

Discover the elegance of our unpainted Bali Parasols. These round parasols are unpainted and are characterized by fringes with a decorative set at the bottom of the parasol. Depending on our own design, the combination of fringe color and interior weave varies on these round parasols. This makes our parasols special, with a chic tone-on-tone appearance or a striking contrast. Our inventory is always up-to-date and we aim to ship on the same day whenever possible.

Our collection round parasols

Additionally, the pole and the top are subtly decorated with wood-carved details. We offer variations of gold and silver finishes for these details. The two-part pole is not only functional for storage but also makes it easy to set up the parasol. A Bali Parasol original brings timeless charm to your garden or terrace. Many of these round parasols are available in the same (and other) colors with full painting or half-painted in various designs.

What sets the original Bali Parasol apart is that our entire range is handmade in Bali according to our own design. Each parasol is meticulously crafted in an exclusive family workshop using traditional techniques. As a result, all our parasols meet the highest quality standards.

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