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Workshop Bali

Where our Bali Parasols are handmade

The original Bali Parasol is entirely handmade and assembled by a Kampung - a Balinese residential community. This is an exclusive and small-scale workshop run by a family of authentic parasol makers who take pride in their product. Our adventure began over nine years ago when we started working together. This family is one of the few remaining traditional parasol makers who still hand-paint and excel in custom productions. Their product is far removed from the mass-produced parasols that later flooded the market. Our Serenity pattern is an official Bali heritage pattern registered by the great-grandfather of the eldest son who leads the workshop. He still gets angry about the copies he sees popping up everywhere.

A unique collaboration

We have been working with this family for nine years now. We have built a strong relationship based on trust and mutual assistance. This collaborative approach has not only led to the growth of Bali Parasol but has also contributed to the growth of their family business. We consider this collaboration and the trust that has been built as a great value, overcoming challenges together, including setbacks.

Producing in a country like Indonesia comes with challenges. Together, we always strive to find the best possible solutions. We face dengue outbreaks, erupting volcanoes, floods, tsunamis, shortages of shells due to bad weather, canvas dye baths gone wrong (order white, get light purple), bamboo needing longer drying times. Because the workshop buys materials per production, any disruption can easily occur. Fortunately, the workshop always collaborates with us, forming a strong team. This is also evident in developing and assembling new models and collections. It should be noted that "the tilting parasol" is still not made: No miss Ilse is not traditional... Well, that's that.

Producing and importing from Indonesia may not always be easy, but with our approach, we stay close to the action and deliver the most unique and sustainable parasols out there. Each one is a work of art.

We hope to have given you insight in the quality choices
that come with buying parasols from Bali. 

Feel free to contact us for any questions.

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