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Fully painted parasols

Our fully painted Bali Parasols

The Serenity collection encompasses all fully painted Bali Parasols. It may appear as if these parasols have a print - in gold or silver but in reality, they are hand-painted without the use of stencils. Masterpieces and also the most intricate parasols with the double edge. The Serenity line is our showstopper collection and in stock in numerous colors. Our inventory is always up-to-date and we aim to ship on the same day whenever possible.

Our collection fully- double edge hand painted parasols

The original Bali heritage pattern (Serenity) is hand-applied by the master painter in Bali at the small-scale family workshop with which we have been exclusively collaborating for over nine years. This makes each printed-look parasol a unique collector's item of high quality. In addition to fully painted Bali Parasols, we also offer a range of half-painted parasols in various colors, prints, and designs.


The hand-painted print is not only visible from the outside but also shines through to the inside, creating that special 'lace' effect. The main difference between the silver and gold printed parasols is that the silver paint does not discolor with use, whereas the gold patina paint weathers in the sun, resulting in the sought-after rugged vintage look and appearance. In fact, the parasols only become more beautiful over time.

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