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Fringed parasols

Our fringed parasol collection

What makes the Bali Parasol so graceful and unique? Its fringes differentiate in colors, materials, and types. Regardless of the color or painting, a parasol with fringes is guaranteed to be a special and stylish addition to your garden or (pool) terrace. Bali Parasol is the specialist in Balinese parasols with the widest range of fringed parasols. Our inventory is always up-to-date, and during the season (March-October), we aim to ship on the same day whenever possible.

    Our collection fringed parasols

    Each parasol is a unique item made and painted by hand with love and passion. Whether you choose a parasol with fringes in tone-on-tone or opt for a parasol with fringes contrasting the fabric, Bali Parasol offers the largest assortment of fringed parasols in over 40 colors. Finished with shells, beads, or tassels, whatever your favorite is, be inspired by all the possibilities of our extensive range.

    All our fringed parasols are handmade in Bali. The fringes are woven and knotted in the traditional manner with attention to the smallest details. This craftsmanship is also reflected in the interior weave.

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