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The Natural cream Serenity Bali Parasol became favorite in 1 season.  Luxury off white natural cream canvas has a luxury soft shine and is fully gold painted by hand. The paint work seen from the inside of the canopy is that 'lace' effect that makes it so special. 

The patina paint on the outside will transfor to that unique vintage look, but inside all remains the same.  


Balinese parasols come in many quality ranges. Bali Parasol only works in the highest segment (canvas, bamboos, decorations, shape, finishings, packaging etc etc) working with an exclusive family run workshop proud of their work, no mass so limited production capacity.  



Cream gold Bali Parasol SERENITY

    • Parasol: American Drill Fabric (Canvas)   
    • H: 2.60 / Ø 200cm | 78,74 Inch | 6,56 ft
    • Spokes: Bamboo
    • Incl storage bag
    • Pole Ø   3.96cm

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