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Table top umbrellas especially made for Bali Parasol. 96 cm high/61cm wide so ideal to have on a table and look underneath with a good shade on your food platters. Finishings in white wash & gold and woodcarving.  Decoration set very refined with seashells and wood elements combined with bell pompons in cream. Luxurious quality editons in American Drill Fabric.  



TABLETOP Creme umbrella Bali Parasol

  • Packing: The original Bali Parasol and table tops are extremely well packed and suitable for shipping worldwide.  


    Shipping Outside EU

    We have done our best to cover every possible shipping option in our webstore. Due to many possible weightcombinations and worldwide coverage of shipping sometimes it is more logic to just RESERVE your order by choosing the "Pay Offline" Option.  We reserve your order and we will communicate EXACT shipping costs based on your details.   

    Especially for the Table Tops shipping can be cheaper when packed in 1 box. 


    We keep our right to correct online published shipping fees within 2 days if incorrect for a specific (online paid) order. 

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