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High quality materials that define the original Bali Parasol®

The original bamboo Bali Parasol is crafted from various natural materials, ensuring durability and always maintaining the highest quality available. We prioritize ensuring that your parasol remains beautiful in all climates, year-round, and for multiple seasons. Since our inception nine years ago, we have conducted extensive tests, confidently asserting that our Bali Parasol represents the finest product within the range of Balinese parasols. It's a standard you won't find among mainstream producers and suppliers. We are happy to explain the materials our parasols are made from and what makes these materials sustainable and of the highest quality.

American Drill Canvas

The fabric of our Bali Parasol is a blend of polyester and viscose processed in a twill weave, known as American Drill Canvas. This fabric is highly durable, commonly used for the production of uniforms. Its twill weave composition adds extra strength, and it has a subtle sheen, soft touch, available in a range of vibrant and deep colors. American Drill Canvas is easy to clean, quick-drying, preventing mold growth with proper use. The silver painting remains consistent in any climate, while the gold painting develops a vintage, shabby-chic appearance over time due to weathering. This makes American Drill Canvas the perfect quality for our unique and sustainable parasols.


Materials often used by mainstream makers of Balinese parasols include cheap fabrics such as (coarse) linen, rough cotton, inexpensive satin, or the cheaper 'Nagata Drill' variant, which lacks the deep and beautiful tones and gloss. These compositions are highly susceptible to moisture and thus prone to mold.

Perfect shape

The fabric of our Bali Parasol is cut from two equal halves. In contrast to mass-produced Balinese parasols, which are often made from a single round piece and gathered into a 'round' shape through a dart seam. This can result in shape defects in the parasol, leading to an 'uneven' fit. Our workshop invests significant knowledge and skill in achieving parasols with beautiful shapes. It's a luxury purchase that, in our view, should be perfect. While working with two equal halves costs 30% more canvas, it yields the most beautiful and perfect round parasol.

Bamboo parasol

The material of the ribs - also known as spokes - is bamboo. The bamboo used for the original Bali Parasol undergoes thorough quality checks and is sourced from Indonesia. One of the factors considered is the age of the bamboo. Young bamboo is often thin, moist, and more susceptible to stains. Our parasols are exclusively made from thick, rigid, and older bamboo. The wood is dried, fumigated, disinfected, and finally lacquered in a special manner. Our parasols always feature twenty bamboo spokes of the highest quality. This ensures that the parasols are strong and stable. Another important aspect for the shape is that the "growth nodes" of the bamboo parasol are evenly distributed across the entire top so that all tension is evenly distributed everywhere.

We hope to have given you insight in the quality choices
that come with buying parasols from Bali. 

Feel free to contact us for any questions.

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