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The Bali Parasol: a true showstopper at any event

The Bali Parasol is a unique addition to any event. We often see our parasols featured at various events around the world. Using a Bali Parasol for event styling quickly achieves the desired concept effect. Not only are our parasols used for outdoor decoration, but they also create a summery and festive atmosphere indoors. Placing one of our parasols in your booth at a trade show always elicits an enthusiastic response from the audience.

Events from all corners of the globe have sought us out for our attention-grabbing parasols. Lounge and Linger in London ordered our Olive Nirvana and used it for multiple events. We're steadily building our reputation in the event industry in Dubai and Marbella as well. Marbella Secret Picnic features our Bali Nirvana parasol at their special picnic events, and guests now inquire in advance if the parasols will be there! For the Formula 1 in Zandvoort, we designed the finish flag edition for Havana aan Zee. Get creative and let us help you design a unique custom parasol that perfectly complements your event or business.

Be inspired by our diverse collection, and perhaps the Bali Parasol will soon shine at your event! Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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