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How we safely package and ship our Bali Parasol®

Packaging plays a significant role in ensuring the perfect delivery of parasols to customers worldwide. Bali Parasol opts for the highest quality export packaging, ensuring that each Bali Parasol arrives in perfect condition at our warehouse in Haarlem after a long journey by sea. It is then our responsibility to deliver the parasol to you in perfect condition worldwide. Let us guide you through this process.


From Bali to Haarlem (The Netherlands)

Transport from Bali to our warehouse is carried out in our own containers. These containers are fumigated and heated to prevent molds, moisture, and pests from affecting the parasols during the long journey. Upon arrival in Haarlem, we inspect the batches for quality.

From Haarlem to our customers

At Bali Parasol, we do not compromise on the quality of packaging. We work at the highest export level to ensure that our parasols arrive in perfect condition at their destination. Each part of the parasol is individually packaged, shipped in a thick cardboard box, and is delivered with a standard storage/protective cover. This is a simple linen storage bag in which the parasol can be stored, providing protection during transit. In our range, we offer an Outdoor protective cover for the parasol, which can be ordered separately. This protective cover has been extensively tested and is 100% waterproof. With this cover, you can confidently leave the parasol outdoors.

We hope to have given you insight in the quality choices
that come with buying parasols from Bali. 

Feel free to contact us for any questions.

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