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Patio parasols

For smaller (outdoor) spaces

In addition to the standard Bali Parasol with a diameter of 200 cm, we have recently - after numerous requests - introduced a smaller variant with a diameter of 120 cm. The parasol boasts the same quality as the standard 200 cm parasol but is specially designed for smaller terraces or (indoor) gardens. This makes the small parasol perfect for balconies or patios and is often used in store decorations. These small parasols are available in various colors, with or without painting, and with different options in decoration sets. We guarantee the best quality in its class, up-to-date stocks, and where possible, we aim to ship on the same day directly from our own inventory.

Our collection of small(er) parasols

Like the standard parasols, the small parasols are handmade in Bali in our family workshop. Original Bali Parasols are produced in limited editions according to our own design using traditional methods. This ensures that each parasol is unique and an original eye-catcher for your outdoor space.

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