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Sand Mauve greyish taupe color. Very stylish Bali Parasol original that blends great in many surroundings.  Sand mauve fabric,  unpainted and fringed.  

The decoration set is alternating thin seashell and gold/cream bell pompon. 

A Balinese parasol that matches modern gardens and pooldecks. 

The pole style is walnut, handcarved pole and top. Gold connector. 


Sand Mauve Bali Parasol FRINGED


    • Parasol: American Drill Fabric (Canvas)
    • H: 2.60 / Ø 200cm | 78,74 Inch | 6,56 ft
    • Spokes: Bamboo
    • Incl storage bag
    • Pole Ø 3.96cm

    Flex style bamboo  is USA market based for easier opening and closing. They are perfect parasols but we sell them lower as it is not our standard product for the webshop.   


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