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Bali Parasol
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How to recognize a Bali Parasol - original

Differences in quality v.s. mainstream Balinese parasols and our Bali Parasol - original

Artisanal bamboo parasols are truly a piece of art with combined disciplines of manual labour. There is a lot that can go wrong and there there are many quality aspects. Nowadays many sellers took our brand name for their product; a mainstream Balinese or Indian parasol manufactured with bamboo and tassels. This is why we only sell via our own website and never via 2nd party platforms.  



Mainstream parasols: cotton, satin, ikat, linnen, nagata drill (parasols are vulnerable for moist, not easy to clean.

Short livespan. Made of 1 round piece of fabric with a coupe nate to get shape, causing shape errors.

Bali Parasol - original: Are made from 2 halves American Drill fabric = 30% more fabric resulting in perfect shape. 

A strong woven canvas in a mix of cotton/polyester.  

Canvas has a beautiful soft touch and luxury natural look. Suitable for hot sunny climates, occasional showers, easy

drying, easy to clean. If wet make sure the parasol can dry open before stored.    


Mainstream Balinese parasols made from jong moisty bamboos. Resulting in weakness, leaking stains.

The perfect parasol has all growing grains on the same height in the canopy.  

Often have less than 20 spokes (being weaker and cheaper in decoration)  

Bali Parasol -original are made from strong, well dried and fumificated and laquered bamboos. All growing grain on the same height in the canopy so a perfect shape is there. Always have 20 spokes. 


Mainstream parsols are stenciled of printed. As to our masterpainter says: they paint like children.

Bali Parasols  ware exclusively handpainted by Master Painters. Most of them learned this skill from their fathers and grand fathers. Our Gold Serenity is a registere Bali Heritage pattern from the family making ours parsols. 

For this reason our painted parasol numbers are always limited due to long lead times. It take 2 weeks to go through a full production process for 1 parasol.


 Mainstream parasols use mostly the cheap wrinkled nickel hearts and thin tassels and pompons. 

 Bali Parasols have handcrafted mother of pearl shell decorations and/or combination of double set of thin seashell and bell pompon mixed with glass and wooden beads.    



 Mainstream parasols often have thin see through innerweavings in only 3 compartments. 


 Bali Parasol - originals always have 4 compartments of the highest quality weavings in many variations of colors. 

6. TOP AND POLE and Finishings

Mainstream parasols oare made with a pole in 1 part. Difficult to store.

If in 2 parts check the connector quality.

Low quality finishings in wood carving and/or laquer finishings.

No steel thread in the canopy 

Bali Parasol - original Always comes in 2 parts for easy storage and has a strong steel connector.

Woodcarving is done on highest level and poles are finished with high quality lacquers that keep their shine over years. 

Strong steel threat in the canopy




Mainstream parasols depends on what they wanted to pay for packaging.

There can be black mold spots in the parasol when poorly packed after 6 weeks overseas. 


Bali Parasol We work on EXPORT level packaging only and never have problems. 

Als our parasols come in a storage bag (included) for easy storage.  

With this mix of factors where we choose for the highest quality is able to export to USA and CANADA as well. 

We only work in 1 size: 185-1.90 open.  This size has proven to be very strong so you are guaranteed a long lifespan on your very special unique piece. (with correct handling off course) 

Warm regards, Ilse 

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