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How to recognize a Bali Parasol original

Differences in quality between mainstream Balinese parasols and our original Bali Parasol

Bali parasols are renowned for their unique and exquisite designs, crafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques. However, with the rise in demand, many vendors have flooded the market with mass-produced imitations that fail to capture the authenticity and craftsmanship of the original. In this page, we will explore the key factors that distinguish our original Bali Parasols from their mainstream counterparts, helping you make an informed decision when selecting the perfect parasol for your needs.


1. Fabric / Canvas

When it comes to parasols, the mainstream options are usually made of cotton, satin, ikat, linen, and nagata drill. These fabrics are less than ideal, since parasols are vulnerable to moisture. The fabrics are also difficult to clean these factors often result in a short lifespan. Besides this, many parasols are made from a single round piece of fabric with a coupe nate, which can cause shape errors and an imperfect fit. Our original Bali Parasols are crafted from two halves of American Drill fabric, which provides 30% more fabric resulting in a perfect shape. The strong woven canvas is a blend of cotton and polyester and has a luxurious natural look and a beautiful soft touch. These parasols are ideal for hot sunny climates and occasional showers, easy to dry and clean. It is essential to allow them to dry open before storing if they get wet.

2.  Bamboo

Mainstream Balinese parasols are often made from young, moist bamboo, which makes them weak and prone to stains. Furthermore, their canopies may have uneven growing grains, causing shape imperfections. These parasols are often decorated with fewer than 20 spokes, making them weaker. In contrast, our original Bali Parasols are crafted from strong, well-dried, fumigated, and lacquered bamboo with even growing grains, resulting in a perfect shape. These parasols always have 20 spokes, ensuring optimal strength and stability.

3. Paintwork

Mainstream parasols are often stenciled or printed, lacking the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail that true hand-painted parasols possess. We only offer exclusively hand-painted parasols by master painters, many of whom learned this skill from their fathers and grandfathers. Our Serenity pattern, a registered Bali heritage pattern, is created by the family that produces our parasols. Due to the intricate painting process, our parasol production is limited, with each parasol taking up to 2 weeks to complete. However, the end result is a truly unique and beautiful parasol that is sure to impress.

4. Decoration set

Mainstream parasols are often adorned with cheap, wrinkled nickel hearts and thin tassels and pom-poms, lacking in quality and durability. In contrast, Bali Parasols feature handcrafted decorations made from mother of pearl shells, double sets of thin seashells, and bell pom-poms mixed with glass and wooden beads. These exquisite details are carefully selected and crafted to ensure a stunning and long-lasting parasol.


5. Inner weavings

Mainstream parasols often feature thin, see-through inner weavings in only three compartments, lacking in both quality and durability. Our original Bali Parasols always feature four compartments of the highest quality weavings, available in a wide range of color variations. This attention to detail ensures both the aesthetic appeal and durability of our parasols, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a long-lasting and visually stunning umbrella.

6. Pole

Mainstream parasols often come with a one-part pole, making them difficult to store and transport. Even those with two-part poles may have low-quality connectors that compromise the durability of the parasol. Additionally, these parasols may feature low-quality finishing in wood carving and lacquer, diminishing their overall appearance. Our Bali Parasols always come with a two-part pole for easy storage and transport, and with a strong steel connector ensuring optimal durability. Our woodcarving is done by experienced craftsmen, and our poles are finished with high-quality lacquers that maintain their shine for years. Furthermore, our parasols feature a strong steel thread in the canopy, providing additional strength and stability. Our wooden poles are made from certified Indonesian legal wood.

At Bali Parasols, we specialize in one size, 185x190 (when open). This size has been carefully chosen for its exceptional strength, ensuring a long lifespan for your unique and special piece. With proper handling, you can enjoy your Bali Parasol for years to come, making it a worthwhile investment for your outdoor space.

7. Packaging

Mainstream parasols may vary in packaging quality depending on the vendor's budget, and poorly packed parasols may develop black mold spots after just six weeks of being shipped overseas. At Bali Parasol, we never compromise on packaging quality and always operate at an export level to ensure that our parasols arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Our parasols come with a storage bag included, making it easy for you to store them when not in use.

We hope to have given you insight in the quality choices
that come with buying parasols from Bali. 

Feel free to contact us for any questions.

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