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WEDDING umbrellas & parasols 

create a unique Insta place at your event location 

Unique BOHO decoration items that will give your event location that WOW. 

Don't we all want to surprise our best friends and closest family this day of true love and happiness?

Our unique handmade and hand painted eye catching Bali Parasols can either bring creative and chic shade to your guests outdoor or....  being used multi functional throughout the day:  


If it is to decorate your garden, a beach location, a patio... We have had brides using them: 


  • To cover the Brides Cakes and Champagne tower

  • Couples having the ceremony decorated 

  • Being the center pieces at gala setting tables on the event location

  • Being unique and movable shade providers at the beach picnic or party

  • Showcasing at the entrance of the venue

  • Eyecatcher on the band's podium

  • Being the present given by best friends wishing the couple protection, happiness and all the best with what the original

  • meaning is of these authentic Tedungs from Bali.  


Our suggestion


Create your private INSTAGRAM booth. Your pictures will look stunning and people love it!

Don't forget to have your weddings theme built in on every picture. Be creative.


Bali umbrellas in white and gold or white and silver are most popular matching great with white lace wedding umbrellas or parasols.


Did you know

Our  Gold Serenity and Natural Serenity are TRADITIONAL wedding Tedungs (guard) or ceremonial parasols.

White and gold reflecting for purity & positive spirit, what else to wish for at the most beautiful day of your live?

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