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Wedding Bali Parasols

WEDDING UMBRELLAS - unique bali parasols for weddings or events

Bali Parasols are unique decoration items at your wedding

Unique decoration items that are handmade or handcrafted bring a personalised authentic sphere to your wedding. Don't we all want to surprise our best friends and closest family this day of true love and happiness?

Our unique handmade and hand painted eye catching Bali Parasols can either bring creative and chic shade to your guests outdoor or....  being used multi functional throughout the day.. 


If it is to decorate your garden, a beach location, a patio... We have had brides using them: 


  • To cover the Brides Cakes and Champagne tower

  • Couples having the ceremony underneath or beside them

  • Decorating the gala setting round tables on the eventlocation

  • Hosting the beach picnic..

  • Being the landmark for the entrance of the venue etc etc

  • Being the present given by best friends wishing the couple protection, happiness and all the best.  


You name it a Bali Parasol will always be noticed in a positive chic and stylish way.

Bali umbrellas in white and gold or white and silver are most popular matching great with white lace wedding umbrellas or parasols.


Did you know: Our  Gold Serenity is a TRADITIONAL wedding umbrella still used at traditional Balinese ceremonies like weddings, child birth and other happy occasions. The TEDUNG (the original name meaning: Guard) reflects the positive purity and spirit of the celebrating with its white and gold elegant and classic fringed combination.


Also when rain expected... think of our happy makers as they are outdoor quality, not afraid of rain and wind (max force 5 but then your guests be inside as well : ) .

We have tested them under beach conditions at La Milla Beach Club in Marbella and they ordered again this year realising this is another quality.


For projects please contact us of see our project page

We are very very flexible in colors, designs and we import overseas from East Asia, the Orient, Bali, Thailand and Indonesia by Seafreight and Airfreight  (fast!) 

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