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This natural white and full silver parasol  is handpainted in Serenity design and made in 14 days. 

This unique luxury umbrella has been in the collection for 10 years already. Quiet look on the outside, and spectaculair effect on the inside where the silver paint gives the garden umbrella a 'cool' grey lace effect. Unlike the gold painted parasols the silver paint does not transform and the umbrella keeps the same look and feel.    

Pole in walnutcolor with woodcarving and silver finishings as well. On the inside the decoration set is alternating silver bell pompons with white pompon alternating double thin seashell strings.


White silver Bali Parasol SERENITY


    • Parasol: American Drill Fabric (Canvas)   
    • H: 2.60 / Ø 200cm | 78,74 Inch | 6,56 ft
    • Spokes: Bamboo
    • Incl storage bag
    • Pole Ø   3.96cm



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