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Half-painted parasols

Bohemian parasols in silver or gold finishings

The half-painted Bali Parasols offer a serene alternative to the Serenity collection. The partial painting gives these parasols a serene Eastern and Bohemian vibe. The Bohemian parasols with painting only around the edge are available in various colors. This collection also offers variation in the fringes and decorative sets of the Bohemian parasols. Take a look at the decoration set that is in variations of beads, shells and bell tassels. Many of these Bali Parasols are also available in a fully painted version or the unpainted parasol. Our stock is always up-to-date and we aim to ship on the same day whenever possible.

    Our collection bohemian parasols

    The half-painted Bohemian parasols are handcrafted in a small family workshop in Bali. Each parasol is unique and meets the highest quality standards, allowing us to export worldwide. The painting is applied to the outside of the parasol but also shines through to the inside. Have you set your sights on the gold-painted parasol? Please note that the gold patina paint weathers over time, transforming into that sought-after vintage rugged look. The print remains visible, only the paint acquires a bronze vintage appearance.

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