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The Sage green Nirvana Bali Parasol you won't find anywhere else, not colorwise, not quality wise. 

It is that sage green, with a misty green blueish shimmer in it. The color of the Hosta Sieboldiana Elegance leaves. Threading and fringes are perfectly matched  

Very very stylish parasol.  Imagine the gold paint to weather in time getting to that vintage look. The decoration set is all gold bell with matching sage green pompon only giving this umbrella that visual rhythm...

Sage Green Bali Parasol NIRVANA

    • Parasol: American Drill Fabric (Canvas)   
    • H: 2.60 / Ø 200cm | 78,74 Inch | 6,56 ft
    • Spokes: Bamboo
    • Incl storage bag
    • Pole Ø   3.96cm

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